Ali Zourmand’s collection of honors can be mentioned as follows:

The collection of honors of Ali Zourmand attending national and international exhibitions can be mentioned as follows:

  • Attending the 13th Fajr Festival of Visual Arts (Tehran, 1399)
  • Attend the Biophile Competition Exhibition (USA 2020)
  • Selected as one of TOP50 designers in Escuchamivoz exhibition (Mexico 2021)
  • Attend the Posterrorism Competition Exhibition (Indonesia 2020)
  • Attend the “Poster for Tomorrow” exhibition Top 300 posters (France 2020)
  • Attending the Digital Art Festival(Tehran 1400)
  • Attending the 28th Youth Visual Arts Festival (Tehran 1400)
  • Poster design contest to encourage reading. (Tehran 1400)
  • Attend the  Stop Hate Competition Exhibition (Poland 2019)
  • Attend FINI Exhibition (Mexico 2019)
  • Attend the Invitation Exhibition Spain – covid19 (Spain 2020)
  • Attending the city competition for pedestrians (Slovenia 2019)
  • Attending the exhibition of the National Safe Border Festival (Kermanshah 1398)
  • Attending the exhibition of the National Revolution Art Festival (Ardabil 1398)
  • Attending the Young Art Festival Exhibition (Tehran 1397)
  • Attending the exhibition of Nazareh International Festival (Tehran 1397)
  • Attending the Hekatom Virtual Festival Exhibition (Damghan University 1400)
  • Attending the third annual design exhibition (Tehran 1400)