Architecture Design

I studied architecture at university. Low quality of education at university Didn’t make me lose interested in architecture. I am interested in architecture for the reasons which make difference between it self and other arts:

  1. Architecture Becomes intelligible by the end of design process, and Unlike painting and drawing that you can understand project in the during the design process.
  2. Architecture is limitless art, everybody with every Point of would be able to take a part in it. People can see to it with their Worldview.
  3. I can design my work office and my home.

when do you become architect?

It is interesting to know, usually people became an architect at older ages. I believe you need self analysis before become an architect that it which can be earned from Years of life experiences. usually in the design process, designers don’t know what they are doing and just repeating a process. I just want you too be yourself in the design process.

Students in

In the architectural community, people often criticize each other( According reason2). You should work a long time for other designer till you can work in community. If you don’t like being a slave, You can do freelance works just like me. But this method has many problems although I think that’s better the first one.

They look at you from button of their nose at university. Teachers always think that students doesn’t know anything at all. But I tell you, masters like to imply their opinions. (villeinage)

Architecture for me

The intellectual foundations of architecture of mine is philosophy and to me aesthetics comes after efficiency. But I love Iranian Islamic architecture and it’s very detailed patterns. Usually I avoid from excess in my projects. That’s why I do my project fast. I do not criticize any style or thought. 

I wrote about finding ideas for poster in poster design page and I mentioned, you should read novel and short story for improvement Storytelling skills. But for architecture you should read Philosophical and wise Books for improvement anthropology. I think architecture is based on values, and you have to recognize those values in the world. you can see some of the architectural projects of mine below.