Crypto Players

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Crypto Players

What is the truth? What is happening in the world of crypto? We are now at an important moment in history.

This artwork is inspired by the poker player diplomats on the basis of conditions, events, and relations of the Crypto world.

Now available on Opensea.

There are many secrets, hidden in this artwork. These secrets will be revealed to the audience at the right time. pay attention to the details of this artwork: lights, expressions, relations, and… The future of the world is determined after this game.

People in the image in order from the left:
Mark Zuckerberg, Charles Hoskinson, Elon Musk, Vitalik Buterin, Michael J. Saylor, jack Dorsey, Changpeng Zhao

Right in the corner:
Peter Schiff

Ali Zourmand

Ali Zourmand

Website Manager | Illustrator, Designer, NFT Art

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2 years ago

This is great, good luck

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